Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Before Breakfast Trailer

Before Breakfast - Trailer from Marina Nacamuli on Vimeo.

Before Breakfast 2010: Check out beforebreakfastthemovie.tumblr.com for the highlights of Crew and Cast.

Best Female Director Moema Umann and Best Actor Michael Billingsley at the American International Film Festival

Producer(s): Geraldine Basset & Irene Del Campo
Post Production/Publicist: Marina Nacamulli

SPFX Makeup/ Makeup & Hair: Meagan Hester

Monday, November 29, 2010


Recent work done with Funny or Die
Makeup and hair by Meagan Hester

Actor/Comedian Billy Eichner contacted me to do Character makeup on him for Funny or Die.
When meeting with Billy, he wanted his character to have a spin off of
Jimmy McMillan's signature look.
He also requested the look to be funny, not so polished or realistic.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music Choice and Jim Larer

The Real Abbey Road Above

If you ever walk the halls of Music Choice you will notice a sequence of pictures posted. Most of those pictures feature artist like Katy Perry, Hillary Duff, the Jonas Brothers. But as you look around every other photo will have an artistic shot of their employees.
Jim aproached me to do a sequence of photos that would show one man as 4 characters, which would then be transported on to the picture of Abbey Road.
I created 4 different looks on the same man. The beards were all hand laid and then the wigs were placed on to create the look of each of the beatles... Can you guess what photo is the real abbey road....

Rachael Ray Show

I was recently called by Mehron to key the Rachael Ray Halloween special. After speaking with their producers, they requested a large amount of artists to get the Halloween segment pushed into high gear. I first called in 5 FX artists to help transform the Zombies, then recruiting 10 hairstylists and 10 basic makeup artists. Weeks before the show I decided on the looks for each of the dancers and also deciding on the characters for the main entrance. I had a wonderful team and we created an amazing segment for Rachael Ray.

The Grinch who stole Halloween

Crepe Hair, prosthetic application, Grinch Makeup and Cindy Hoo hair...
Prosthetic from FX Warehouse

Character Makeup for Mehron

Gelatin FX, blood FX, Fake Tattoos, beard application, liquid latex and some rigid colidion for those beautiful scars. All in a days work!

Dont Fork me....

I was called to apply a fork appliance to a mans eye. I had the appliance made by Artist Arielle Toelke. She took a actual fork and sculpted it out of silicone to make it light weight. I then took over and applied it on set with third degree and some gauze to protect the eye.

The rest well shading and texture was applied.

Friday, August 6, 2010

"When Bobby Met Larry" Yo, who orderd these burgers?- Will

Will is a cook with an attitude. Need I say more, he is not the sharpest knife in the draw. This greasy hot tempered character does not work well with others, especially Rosa.
For this Character Carlos and I decided on a prosthetic nose and made him somewhat dirty looking to reflect a greasy, hot and hard working cook.

"When Bobby Met Larry" Hello signore Giuseppe

Giuseppe...... What an old man, he is the stereotypical grandpa. Although old school, feels he still has it in him to get the ladies. He loves to teach Bobby, his grandson about women or is it men? With his makeup I used two prosthetic pieces, a forehead piece and eye bags. I also used crepe hair along his head to create that balding effect. Since Carlos is still a young man we decided to accentuate this character's age by emphasizing his neck and outer perimeter of the mouth.

"When Bobby Met Larry" Your wish is my command! - Rosa

Rosa is a vivacious woman. She is a strong Latina, who is educated and hard working. While devoted to her job she is also proud of her Latin roots. She finds the good in almost everyone.... For her makeup I applied cheek bones and contoured her or should I say his face. For this character we had to shave Carlos Gonzalez's arms and chest. To put the icing on the cake, I used sexy false lashes and a glowing self tanning lotion to give this vibrant character a beautiful glow and color to help accentuate her beautiful skin.

Thank you to mehron cosmetics for this vivacious beauty.

"When Bobby Met Larry" Oh girl, pleeeease! - Larry

Larry is a sassy eccentric, flamboyant gay character. When doing Carlos Gonzalez's makeup I decided to add a chin prosthetic. His chin was a trade mark to his character quality. If you google large chin males, (go on, try it) it will show that these men are cheaters and somewhat arrogant. Larry resembles just that, a self absorbed gay male. The blond wig was the icing on the cake!

For film breakdown check out my main makeup & hair blogspot at http://meaganhester.blogspot.com/.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Body Art

Sometimes little things inspire you, I was thinking of Circus Sole and what it would be like to create a character that had a dreamy clown look.  I thought who would let me body paint them, family always comes through.  The model was Jessica Hester, and the photographer was Mark Sadan.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just filmed a short with Martin Toro a film student hopefully Ill have some edits for you guys so you can take a look at all of the bruises, cuts, scars I did on the cast. 
 Also, I shot with Gavin Thomas, I did FX makeup on Asher Roth the next big thing in Hip Hop..  All I got to say is check out his beats hes amazing.  Ill put a post up in the future when the magazine hits the stands.  Check out his my space http://www.myspace.com/asherrothmusic

Meagan Hester

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photographer Gavin Thomas

Kaori Oiwa a female boxer who works out in one of the best gyms in Brooklyn.  The same gym where Millionaire Dollar Baby Hillary Swank trained.  I recently was approached by Gavin Thomas a photographer, who showed interest in shooting portraits of athletes.  Great timing I thought because I am going to be doing the makeup for a film Directed and Written by Ed Ronin who has an actual female boxer as one of the stars. 
Basically we got the ok from Kaori and the gym to shoot there, and Gavin photographed some fantastic shots.  I then put some FX work into hand and gave her a bruise and a gash below her eye.  She never knew what hit her.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Boxing around

Going to shoot with Gavin Thomas tomorrow.  He usually does high fashion work with me but we are shooting a female boxer tomorrow, so I think its the perfect time to break out some injuries.  Even though this boxer has never been knocked out I'm going to create a bruised eye, scrapes and cuts.  Hopefully she doesn't knock me out in the process.
Ill keep you posted with some pictures soon but in the mean time here some new photos.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Training at MUD

Training with the best, I went to the Makeup Designory in LA, California.  They have the best SPFX classes whether you want to take the Chatacter portion only or you want to take the full course.  
The picture to the right is when I was learning Character FX at MUD in LA, California.  Juliet Loveland and Paige a fellow makeup artist applied around 15 prosthetics and bald cap on my face.  
This class has ignited my interested for FX makeup.  
Since MUD I have created my own FX portfolio as you can see all of my work on my blog spot.  Trust me there is so much more to come.   

Your tuffy head is your friend

When practicing hair or even floating hair the best tool to use is your tuffy head.  This is how a lot of mustaches and beards are made before hand then they are floated of the dummy to use on a film, T.V., or a character.  
Become friends with the Tuffy Head, at times it is frustrating because you want to bond with the tuffy.  Just take it with a grain of salt the tuffy wont talk back so you can stab the tuffy head with your comb all you want.  

Meagan Hester

Merging with Mehron

 Bald Cap with Gems and Zombie  Makeup

Before and after photos of a chin application

Bald Cap and Earthy Makeup

Welcome to the world of FX

Welcome to my new blog spot! I want to keep two sides of my makeup separate. Why you may ask? This allows me to help you, the viewer distinguish and also appreciate both sides of the spectrum. This also helps me not get categorized as just an FX or just a High Fashion Makeup artist. My dream is to be as versatile as possible. Keeping a large range whether it be my FX work or my editorial/high fashion looks. Hope you enjoy the new blog.

Stay on top,

Meagan Hester